Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ta-dah! Tuesday - chalkboard placemats

Thanks to everyone who linked up their crafty makes, delicious bakes, awesome outfits and thrifting holy grails last week - if you missed it there are some really clever ideas to steal. If you have a something to share this week I'd love you to add your thumbnail to the linky at the end of this post.

A little while ago the Not on the High Street catalogue dropped through my letterbox, and whilst it is a lovely treasure trove of independent makers of stuff - erm, that isn't on the high street, what it isn't is cheap. Look at these chalkboard placemats - great fun, but a set of six is £64.99! Yes, you read that correctly. If you want matching coasters, the total would be £91. Blimey. Clearly 'Claire' moves in more exalted circles than I.

This is not just any strawberry cheesecake...

Anyway, last week I found these at the bottom of the kitchen drawer - I used to use them all the time but as you can see they've got a bit battered and scratched over the years so they were relegated for visiting toddler use and then forgotten about. However, if you don't have any mats ripe for a makeover you quite often see hideous ones at your Granny's house charity shops or car boot sales, you know, nasty ones with scenes of fox-hunting or twee thatched cottages.

I used a tester pot of Annie Sloan chalk paint in 'graphite' and gave each mat a few coats. It dries very quickly so didn't take very long at all. A quick scribble with my pastel pencils - I know, posh - and I had my own version ready to wow my guests.


Of course, if you're not a gastronomic wizard like myself, you can just use them for playing hangman between courses, writing instructions for your butler, shopping lists, or perhaps improving slogans for the benefit of your offspring.

What would you doodle? 

 Lakota x

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  1. Very cool! I am totally going to make some of those. They'd be quite handy for keeping kids occupied and at the table whilst I finish my dinner, perhaps with a game of naughts and crosses, and they'd make a great gift for mil/sil. I read recently that blackboard paint is easy to make, just acrylic paint mixed with powdered filler if i remember correctly, which makes it much cheaper, here anyway. and I have something to linky this week, hurrah!

  2. That's really fabulous! I want to come for dinner. Oh for some Vienetta...

  3. What a great idea! I've got to try that x

  4. These are really cool - I can't believe the price of the originals, YIKES!

  5. Brilliant idea, I saw a recipe for coloured chalkboard paint at Lulatastic, I just need some mats. Get you with your vienetta, I'm more of an arctic roll girl myself ;)

  6. Love it! It looks just as good. I have given away place mats before that I didn't like the pattern of..next time instead of throwing them away, I will have to try this :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a brilliant idea to paint these with chalk paint. I love the granny reference-(its often true!)

  8. Fab idea! and loving the idea of leaving notes for the butler ;0 lol

  9. Oh you're very, very clever, I love it and I can see my kids using these as a fantastic diversion from eating their veges - heeeee! I took the plunge and made a headband using both feathers and flowers. I'm thinking of taking up bare-back horse riding next and yes a fancy horse headpiece would be divine! xxx

  10. You are one smarty, thrifty pants Lakota! I love'em. Amazing what you can transform with chalk paint xox

  11. Great idea, they look fab and are so much cheaper :) have a happy week.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  12. Absolutely first class idea, defo one for me. Will be able to use them as pricing signs for the stall too!! Have the hideous coasters already waiting for a makeover, just need the place mats now. Thanks for hosting!

  13. Haha brilliant! Bloody hell I can't believe how much they are to buy! Holy crap!! It's quite shocking. Love yours and in particular your menu lol :D xx

  14. What a fab idea, any tips for knocking up a cheap dining table for them to go on? I can't believe anyone spends that much on place mats in real life. x

  15. Love this- will definitely be sharing! Creativity like this can only happen when we say NO WAY to the $65 placemats!!!

  16. The chalk board place mat is such a lovely idea...well done! I will link up soon.


  17. I really like this idea, I've been admiring that chalkboard paint for a while now, this definitely makes for a great DIY xxx

    p.s I've linked up

  18. I want to make some of these I love them. I could draw Crabs and Lobsters on them! *hahah* "No really I am serious"

  19. Very cute! I just found your blog from a link on Pull Your Socks Up. The chalk paint is such a great invention, isn't it? We have some magnetic paint at work that my boss used for making a magnetic "board" on the wall.

  20. That's such a great idea! xo

  21. Just goes to show how much you can save when you DIY! I get lots of these sorts of catalogues and I just think 'I could totally make that' to most of the things - forgetting that I have no time!

  22. A bang tidy as Mr. lemon would say)idea and a pound saver too...we likey that!

    Love the peas drawing too :-D

  23. amazing idea - I'm coming round for that three course special too

  24. What a fantastic Idea!! love it!! xx Heather :)

  25. GREAT post Lakota. Me likey. A lot. Want to try this, now just need to scour the cherry tree shops for old place mats. x x x

  26. I have 2 sets of 3 placemats - where the fourth of each set got to, I do not know. Now I have a use for them, and I have black and white crockery too - maybe I can fulfil my ambition to appear on Come Dine With Me.

    What would I put on mine? Maybe the most bizarre request I ever received at the dinner table (friend's mum) -
    "Please don't slap your food"

    Apparently, it's that noise you make when you eat with your mouth open. I haven't changed.

  27. Lakota you always have the bestest ideas!
    Mmmm Viennetta, I'm there!
    love the peas drawing.
    My butler will want one.

  28. THAT is a brilliantly simple, fabulous idea! Right, there's xmas and birthday presses sorted for the next decade!

    I would doodle highly inappropriate drawings. I'm quite immature.

    Sarah xxx

  29. I read somewhere that to sell on NOTHS you have to pay a joining fee of around £500. So the sellers have to hike their prices up a lot to justify that. Not that it makes that £64.99 price tag fair or reasonable or anything I would pay for a set of placemats.

    Actually we don't use placemats - we are such peasants. Great idea though - that blackboard thing. I have a tin of that paint somewhere - had this idea to paint empty glass jars with blackboard labels but forgot to actually do it. And now I have no time.

  30. What a great DIY idea! I think I might have to tweet this one out to everyone, hope you don't mind!!

  31. This is awesome. I usually hate placemats but I am going to look out for some skanky old charity shop ones just so I can do this. Mine will probably just say 'leftovers and grog' x

  32. HOW MUCH????
    Blimey, who pays that for placemats? Your thrifty version is great. I might add table-manners-improving advice, such as "Use your bloody cutlery!" and "Don't talk with your mouth full!" xxxx

  33. Genius idea Lakota, I may have to steal it. Btw my husband is on the way over for the Viennetta (his very very favourite thing along with Angel Delight - I know, classy)

  34. Hi Lakota
    I hope my link I've added fits in with your ta dah tuesday, if not sorry :o(

  35. Hi, what a super duper idea, gotta make me some of these! Found you via Penelope at L is for Love.
    Victoria xx

  36. Hello Faith
    I'm your newest follower and I'm dying for my break to be able to get back in here to have a good look around :-)


  37. still loving your chalk board place mats....ok I have got to make one...and fast!


  38. Brilliant. As in Give Peas a Change. Ha ha ha ha!

    PS: I need to get my FHC widget up- sorry I'm slagging! Getting my package together for my new Jubilee friend. So exicited! xoxoxoxo.

  39. I love this! I may need to make this for displaying our cheeses for my next hosting party! Always excellent when going the DIY route! -xo

  40. I love this idea! Really thinking about doing this too.. xo


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